These Aren’t Your Father’s Bifocals

Bifocals have come a long way since Benjamin Franklin invented them back in the late eighteenth century. Back then you had two lenses glued to one another with a demarcation point smack in the middle – that was that ugly fat line you saw in your grandmother’s glasses- remember that?

If you were born in the 1990s, or later, this visual is something that may be foreign to you, however there was a time when fashion was not a part of function in the eyewear world. Luckily today, due to advances in technology, we get to enjoy both. Progressive lenses are a part of that new wave of technology, and  have made it possible for us to look good, and see even  better – all at the same time.

Progressive lenses are much more than no-line bifocal lenses. These lenses provide a more youthful appearance, but the lenses can cause a distorted view in some instances and are not the best solution anymore.

The ability to see things close to us becomes impaired over time and this is why many people only require the use of reading glasses. They can see fine over distances but reading a newspaper becomes a challenge.

The only challenge even with bifocals is when you start hitting your fifties and lose the ability to see things only a few feet away from you. This is why trifocals were invented, which utilizes a smaller lens seg (short for segment) placed directly above the near seg, giving you three lenses in one pair of glasses to cover all your visual needs.

Like everything else over time, function no longer becomes the primary motive for owning something after awhile – this is where fashion starts taking hold. Progressive lenses are like no-line trifocals … except on steroids. Let me explain, progressives give you up to as many as 20 different focal points within each lens to give the best viewing available on the market today.

You not only get to see better than you ever could with bifocals or trifocals, but you get to look super cool in the process. And who doesn’t want to look good while getting the job done?

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