The Trouble With Buying Prescription Eyewear

Buying prescription eyewear can be a real pain-in-the-butt if you have never done it before, and /or you do not have a gameplan in place to execute with. I say that because if you try to go online, and type the words “prescription eyewear” into your favorite search engine you will get an ocean of information back in the search results. How do you figure out who’s right, or where to go, when you have over thirteen millon web pages to choose from. The answer is you cannot, and this is where “analysis paralysis” sets in. There is so much information on this one topic you can literally be shocked into doing absolutely nothing if you aren’t careful.

What our staff of experienced eyewear professionals has found in working with customers from all over Queens, and Nassau county, is that people are not really looking for every single detail they can find on the product or service they are after. What they want is the information that is truly important to them, and although they can generally find information online, what they desire is feedback generated through a two-way conversation with the local optician or eyewear specialist.

Until the technology is created to give you machines enough artificial intelligence to hold a conversation with a human, talking with a local expert will always be the easiest way to get your needs met with less hassle, and less stress. We have customers call us all the time, just looking to compare pricies, or ask us for a quote, and once we get them into our store, they more often than not, end up leaving with the eyewear they were looking for; and one hundred percent satisfied with the process.

The online world is strictly based off of “Keywords” and psychological tricks used through copywriting to get you to part with your hard-earned dollars. I have a better idea, why not head down to Eye Supply of Bayside and ask us about our products and/or servicess and allow me to give you the the answers you are really looking for. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty reasonable to me – Do you agree?

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