Buying Glasses Online Is Still Better In Theory Only

Buying prescription glasses online has been made easier over time due to technology. Just because you can do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you should do something and this is definitely one area where you may want to reconsider buying online when it comes to purchasing prescription glasses.

From a convenience standpoint it makes all the sense in the world. Why make a trip to the local optician, and go through the whole “get-fit-right” proces.  It takes time for the optician to explain why one pair may be a better fit for you than the pair you originally wanted. They fit you for your new glasses and carefully explain how the process works. When you’re glasses are ready, you come in and they make sure the fit is perfect and answer any questions you may have.

If you think about it, these may be the exact reasons why you WANT to visit your local optician. You get personalized service, customized to your unique situation. If you happen to have a question about your glasses, and you probably will, what do you do if you’re buying glasses online?

You probably search around the site until you find an answer suitable enough, or you do a search on that question. Worse of all, you could end up on an online chat with a service rep … if you stop to think about it, wasn’t all this “time-wasting” what you wanted to avoid in the first place? Does it really make sense to run yourself ragged, spending hours online to make a purchase when you can spend an hour down at the local optician instead?

When you realize that taking time up front with your local optician will ultimately save you boatloads of time on the back end, buying prescription glasses online will become an idea best left to theory than practicality.

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