Are Sunglasses Needed During The Winter?

Why bother talking about sunglasses during the fall and winter seasons? Well, just because the weather starts to cool doesn’t mean the sun gets any less intense. Remember the UVB rays the sun releases does not stop simply because we are experiencing colder weather. And contrary to public opinion, the clouds do not “deaden” the effect of UVB rays. According to meteorologists, clouds can literally intensify these rays due to their reflective nature. This is also the case for snow, which is the ultimate reflector.

In essence, no matter what season it is, wearing sunglasses should be a year long staple, and if it’s in your budget, you may want to consider owning a pair of prescription sunglasses as well. It’s one thing to protect your eyes from the sun, but why allow yourself to have impaired vision during the process? Progressive sunglasses are the state of the art in functionality and fashion. Imagine having almost twenty points of focus throughout a thin lens that can fit in small stylized frames that also have the ability to transition into sunglasses once they hit the light of the sun – now that’s what I call awesome!

Eye Supply of Bayside, where we’ve been servicing our customer for over twenty years, has these glasses, and more. Remember, New York City is cold about seven months out of the year, and we have somehow managed to keep our doors open for as long as we have. How do you think that’s possible? It’s because we have customers walking in through our doors during the hottest days of summer, as well as the coldest days of winter. Why? Probably because people instinctively buy sunglasses when the sun is in the face; and the sun is your face all year long!

Protect your eyes, and stylize them in the process. Mark Weintraub, optician, and owner of Eye Supply, will fit you with whatever eye wear you are looking for, and answer all your questions in the process. Visit to learn more about your preventative eyewear setup; as well as the product and services we offer.


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